About the Blog
I created this blog to chronicle my experiences as a writer.  I hope that you find some of what you read helpful, or at the very least, amusing.  I believe that writers can benefit from a wide variety of experiences, artistic or otherwise.  This blog will incorporate my own adventures (sometimes misadventures) and how they have impacted and inspired my writing.

About Me
Eccentric. Neurotic. Whimsical. Melodramatic. Poetry is my primary mode of literary expression, but I’m also a fiction writer. I like horror movies, rats, Victorian gothic fiction, and you.

About My Work
You can buy my book, How a Bullet Behaves, here:



You can also check out some of my work online in these rad publications:
Eye on Life: http://eyeonlifemag.com/the-poetry-locksmith/cara-losier-chanoine#sthash.DOyJysAA.dpbs
Rathalla Review: http://issuu.com/rathallareview/docs/rathalla_2013_fall_3.06
Chantarelle’s Notebook: http://www.chantarellesnotebook.com/losier.html
Ascent Aspirations: http://www.ascentaspirations.ca/synthesis.htm

Indiana Voice:



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